Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Favourite Youtube Channels

About a year ago I really got into watching Youtube video's. Many bloggers use Youtube as an extra outlet to talk about fashion and beauty etc. I found myself really enjoying watching these style of videos and discovered a number of Youtubers whose channels I then subscribed to. In addition, there are also a number of channels from TV networks who upload clips from their shows. Here are my favourite channels
 In The Frow
Victoria's channel 'In The Frow' was the first channel I discovered on YouTube, and has subsequently become my favourite. I adore everything about this channel - the fashion hauls, styling video's, make-up tutorials, monthly favourite video's and the travel diaries. All are so beautifully filmed and edited.  Over the past year, this channel has moved more into the realms of the luxury market - with so many designer skincare and apparel brands being featured. Working in luxury fashion myself, I identify with this channel so much…Oh and Victoria just seems like the nicest person!
I came across Brogan's channel by chance. I was contemplating going on a Trek America holiday and noticed on twitter that TrekAmerica had retweeted one of Brogan's video's, as she had just booked a Trek holiday. Shortly after I began following Brogan, she began weekly vlogging, and it's fair to say i've been pretty obsessed every since. Brogan uploads a weekly blog every Monday at 6pm, and it provides a great pick me up if you have the Monday blues. I briefly met Brogan at the BeautyBlogger awards last year and she was really sweet. She has also recently won a Cosmo Blog Award…so watch this space for more great things to come!
 Klossy by Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss has been one of my favourite models for a number of years. She launched her YouTube channel 'Klossy' in 2015. I love the personal insight you get to into Karlie's life - behind the scenes at photoshoots and runway shows, Q&A videos, joining her BFF Taylor Swift on stage in Hyde Park - I mean whats not to love? The video's are short, making them good to watch if you are on the go.
The Late Late Show
Hosted by James Corden, The Late Late Show is an American chat show. The YouTube channel has several clips from the show including the genius segment  'Carpool Karaoke' - in which a whole host of famous singers join Corden for music and chat. You will have probably seen these video's making the rounds on social media and in the press.

Which are your favourite Youtube channels? I would love to find some new one's to subscribe to.

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