Saturday, 31 March 2012

'Global Collective' Design 2 - Perfect Symmetry

Due to the perfect symmetry of this particular design, it lends itself very well to creating eye-catching repeat patterns. I have created this print in 2 colour options and both final prints differ slightly from each other based on how I constructed the patterns using different layers. I am so happy with both of these prints and they make a great addition to my 'Global Collective' fashion print collection.

Print 1

- Dip-Dyed Spun Sandwashed Silk, Claret red, Rubine red

Print 2

- Silk Organza

Preliminary Colour Samples

Phillippa x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

'Global Collective' - First Fashion Print in the Collection

Here is an idea of part of the process that I go through in order to produce just one sample in my 'Global Collective' fashion print collection.

Koda Trace Production
Very time consuming but it begins to bring a design to life

Koda Trace Separations exposed onto Silk Screens

Colour and Pigment Sampling

This is one of the most important stages for any designer. A colour palette can make or break a collection. It has to set the right tone for the whole collection and helps to dictate season and market level. I have sampled my design on Silk Habotai for an evening wear look, and I have also sampled on Silk Organza to put the print more in the context of being worn as a luxurious kaftan. The pictures below show a selection of my samples for the 1st design in my collection. Note how this print would really frame the figure and neckline when worn.

Final Print
- I decided to produce my final print in 2 colour ways...
The 1st is Antique Gold and is a 7 colour pigment and discharge print. The look I was going for was very Etro.

The 2nd is Teal and is a 3 colour discharge print. It has more of a Matthew Williamson look about it. Notice the change in colour (before and after being fixed in the steamer).

Phillippa x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Selvedge Magazine Brief - Scarf Design

Last week I received a brief regarding designing a scarf for a potential feature in Selvedge Magazine. After spending a little bit of time drawing up some initial ideas, I finally settled on creating the design pictured below. This scarf design features several of my own screen prints that I have created over the past year, so it is a nice retrospective of my work and reflects the skills and design processes I have learnt on my degree course. As a scarf collector myself, I am always drawn to colour and pattern, so this is another reason why I chose this design. My own fashion print collections often feature symmetrical repeats so this is another element which filtered into this design.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Three Sponsors for my Final Major Project

Earlier this year I began applying for sponsorship to aide me with my final major project. I have successfully secured sponsorship from 'Major Brushes' - a company whose paint brushes I always use. They very kindly sent me 5 different sets of brushes. I absolutely love painting and so these brush sets are a great help to me.
Major Brushes

I have also recieved sponsorship from 'Derwent'. As previously stated, I love painting and drawing and over the years I have worked my way through many sets of Derwent coloured pencils. Impressed to learn I had had my drawing ability promoted by TexWorld USA, they very kindly sent me a 24 set of the 'Inktense Blocks' - these can be used on silk fabric, so I am really looking forward to using them on my fashion samples to see what effects I can create.

I have also been sponsored by 'Dylon'. A crucial element of my fashion prints is colour, for which I have a very keen eye. Dylon have kindly sent me a varied selection of fabric dyes to help me produce my collection.

Thank you to all my sponsors, it is greatly appreciated.
Phillippa x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

'Global Collective' Multidirectional Prints

The prints that I published on my blog yesterday were all symmetrical placement prints. However in order to create an overall more striking and diverse fashion print collection I am mixing up the style of my prints by adding some multi-directionals. I have stylised the florals from my drawing sheets and created fresh and interesting motifs and repeats, with the addition of small abstract elements.

Liberty/Balenciaga Inspired

Two Colour

This multi-directional features an evolved version of the paisley motif I uploaded yesterday. It is now an intricate linear print, with the aim being to stencil block shapes onto the fabric and then screen print this over the top. It will be a co-ordinating print.


Phillippa x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

'Global Collective' Fashion Print Design Development

Recently I began the process of translating my drawing sheets into design layouts. For me, this is one of the most exciting stages of the design process as it really enables me to think very creatively and use alot of imagination to interpret my drawings in a unique way - which results in me producing my striking designs. Phillippa x