Saturday, 10 March 2012

Three Sponsors for my Final Major Project

Earlier this year I began applying for sponsorship to aide me with my final major project. I have successfully secured sponsorship from 'Major Brushes' - a company whose paint brushes I always use. They very kindly sent me 5 different sets of brushes. I absolutely love painting and so these brush sets are a great help to me.
Major Brushes

I have also recieved sponsorship from 'Derwent'. As previously stated, I love painting and drawing and over the years I have worked my way through many sets of Derwent coloured pencils. Impressed to learn I had had my drawing ability promoted by TexWorld USA, they very kindly sent me a 24 set of the 'Inktense Blocks' - these can be used on silk fabric, so I am really looking forward to using them on my fashion samples to see what effects I can create.

I have also been sponsored by 'Dylon'. A crucial element of my fashion prints is colour, for which I have a very keen eye. Dylon have kindly sent me a varied selection of fabric dyes to help me produce my collection.

Thank you to all my sponsors, it is greatly appreciated.
Phillippa x

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