Saturday, 24 June 2017

Shop Now - Tiger Motifs

It was a trend that started a few years back when Kenzo unleashed their 'Tiger' motif t-shirts and sweatshirts on the world...with countless copies finding their way onto the highstreet. Fast-forward a few seasons and Gucci delivered tiger motif after tiger motif on everything from daywear to eveningwear, accessories to shoes. As you can imagine, with Gucci being one of the most influential luxury brands this is one look which has seriously caught on and fashion lovers just can't get enough of it. But let's face it, we are not all on a Gucci budget, and that's where the humble highstreet steps in. It is impossible to enter any highstreet store without encountering some kind of tiger motif. Whether that be an oriental inspired pattern, a standalone conversational print or even an embroidered version. This trend adds a fun and playful pop of colour into your wardrobe and will transition well into the Fall, if bought in dark shades of blue and black. I have rounded up some of the best 'Tiger' motif garments and accessories currently available...
1. Boohoo £15 / 2. H&M £39.99 / 3. Giamba £515
4. Topshop £34 / 5. Gucci £795 / 6. Gucci £795
7. Marcelo Burlon £163 / 8. River Island £18 / 9. New Look £17.99

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