Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Accessories Trend - 00's Rimless Sunnies

Oh yes that's right, the 00's are back! This season and last the 90's has been the decade that everyone has been channeling, but not for much longer as a 00's fashion revival is about to hit the big time (early noughties to be precise, we'd learned from our mistakes by the mid way mark). Kylie Jenner's already been snapped wearing a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit *gasps in horror* and a Von Dutch trucker cap *gasps in horror again*. But whilst these 00's trends are only slowly starting to push their way back to the forefront of fashion, with many wondering if it is too soon to relive this decade, there is one key noughties trend which is already back - rimless sunglasses. A must have accessory of the decade's favourite popstars: Beyonce, Anastacia, Britney, Jessica Simpson and even Victoria Beckham (YouTube serving as a permanent reminder of Victoria Beckham's sartorial choices in the 'Out of Your Mind' music video). You can't go far wrong with a coloured lens, red or yellow for a true 00's vibe. If you're feeling really fancy why not throw some diamante's into the mix. That little bit of sparkle on the rim of your sunnies adding some serious faux bling to your outfit, letting the world know you are fully committed to the 00's revival. As Paris and Nicole would say on The Simple Life "That's Hot"... Here's some 00's inspiration and details of where you can shop this key trend.  *Listens to Pure Shores by All Saints*
Key Brands: New Look, George at Asda, Carvela, Guess
1. Carvela £42 / 2. New Look £4.99
3. Peacocks £5 / 4. French Connection £54
5. Sunna £40 / 6. Dorothy Perkins £8
7. FCUK £54 / 8. Asda £4
9. Ray Ban £113 / 10. Sunna £35
11. Guess £103 / 12. Maui Jim £289

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