Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Starman - The Bowie Effect

The ultimate music icon, David Bowie, sadly passed away in January. The world was shocked to learn of his passing and his haunting final album became even more prominent. His legacy as a musical pioneer and fashion icon will live on, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever follow his level of success again. Known for his ground-breaking music and  avant garde style, the Bowie effect on the world of fashion is nothing new. His bold sartorial choices and stage outfits have long been a source of inspiration for many a high profile designer. Jean Paul Gaultier has referenced Bowie on more than one occasion in his Couture collections, as have the sister design duo behind Rodarte. The one-sleeved catsuit, the metallic boots, the star motifs and the sequin stripes - these are all themes that have been explored on the runway. Drawing inspiration from both Bowie and the runway, here is how you can channel your inner Ziggy Stardust...
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