Saturday, 29 July 2017

Seasonal Designer Wishlist

When it comes to fashion, we can all dream can't we? I love looking online at the beginning of the week, seeing which new pieces have dropped from my favourite designer brands. Having said that I've been stuck in a little bit of a style rut as of late, wanting to switch up my style but not feeling confident when I try new trends. But I've come to accept that sometimes you can't fight fashion, embrace what works for you and just roll with it. I've been shopping in the sales these past few weeks, and whilst I love seeing all the printed maxi dresses and cute floral skirts, there's no point in me trying them they very rarely suit me. I just have to face up the fact that i'm a black, red and green kinda girl - my wardrobe is full of these colours! I'm all about a high-waisted a-line mini skirt (somewhat inspired by Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin), cinching me in at the waist and being super flattering for my figure. I'm also a huge advocate of a classic polo neck, black preferably. A combination of these 2 pieces together elongates my body and leaves me feeling ultra confident. I have no need to worry about those 'problem areas' as I know I've picked clothes that work for me. Recently I've also been loving low cut v-neck shirts. Having purchased a skinny scarf from Rockins earlier in the year (literally obsessed with this brand!) I've been embracing that Kate Moss vibe of dressing and such a shirt with a skinny scarf looks effortlessly rock'n'roll. I've also fully jumped on the slogan tee bandwagon, adding a little bit of quirk to my outfits. Ankle boots are still my main jam, I mean if I could purchase every designer pair of flat ankle boots on Net-a-Porter I 100% would. So with all that being said, I've put together my seasonal designer wishlist...
1. Dress - Off-White £620
2. Dress - Realisation Par $195
3. Shirt - Rixo £175
4. Bag - Mulberry £1195
5. Scarf - Rockins £45
6. Boots - Valentino £1265
7. T-Shirt - Ganni £45
8. Skirt - IRO £580
9. Skirt - Self-Portrait £220
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