Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Brand To Know - Realisation Par

Every so often a brand comes along and you just instantly fall in love, with every piece looking like it was directly designed with you in mind. That is how I feel about Realisation Par. Founded in 2015 by Aussie model Alexandra Spencer and designer Teale Talbot, the brand couldn't be more 'me' if it tried. Realisation seeks to design individual pieces, as opposed to collections, thus enabling the wearing to inject their wardrobe with key items rather than seasonal trend-driven garments which will be deemed 'out dated' in 6 months. Realisation Par translates to 'Made By, Styled By' in French, hence the understated and effortless appeal of the brands clothes. If you didn't already know, I'm a major lover of an a-line mini dress - so through some star prints and cute polka dots into the mix and I'm one happy girl! With 90's references throughout and ultra flattering silhouettes, including loosely tied tops and wrap dresses, Realisation is fast becoming one of the hottest brands of 2017. Price Range: $69 - $225 | Available online at
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