Saturday, 20 May 2017

S/S 17 Footwear Trend - Pool Sliders

I'm going to use that word again...Athleisure. There is simply no escaping it, from one season to the next this trend is sticking around! So when it comes to sporty footwear, one style which has become ever so popular is the humble pool slider...yes really. You know something is going to be huge when Givenchy design a pair with their name branded across it. Whilst you can get more stylish leather sliders (aka the loafer), the core of this trend is about the rubber version - quite literally what you would wear around the pool on holiday, except these are intended for everyday wear. Make no mistake, this is not really a sophisticated choice of footwear, don't expect this pair of sliders to be hanging around in your closet for years to come. It will most likely be a seasonal trend which in a couple of years we look back on and think "really, did that trend actually happen?". But hey, a trend is a trend and where the catwalk leads the rest will follow. So put aside your classic gladiator sandal and inject some a pool sliders into your life....the celebs can't get enough of them. The Kardashians, the Hadid's and the Olsen's - they love them!
Depending on whether you want to invest high or low in this trend, this edit has you covered. Some designers have taken this look one step further and feminised the trend by adding embellishments, printed motifs and even faux fur. If you want to keep things pretty basic, then I recommend you go old school and opt for a pair of standard sporty slides - think Adidas and Fila. The trend for slogans is also huge this season, so a classic branded pair will make your look even more trend driven without breaking the bank. And when this 'sliders as daywear' trend passes, retire your sliders to a life of chilling by the pool on holiday.
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