Saturday, 12 November 2016

Esthechoc - The Review

Last month EBWPR invited me along to the Debbie Thomas skincare clinic in Chelsea for an evening celebrating all things health and Esthchoc, alongside chef Tess Ward. So what is Esthechoc you ask? In 2015 Dr Ivan Petyaev and Dr Marek Orlowski founded 'Cambridge Chocolate Technologies' and subsequently went on to launch 'Esthechoc' - "The worlds first youth boosting 'smart' chocolate". I, like many others, was intrigued to learn more about this brand and try it for myself. Clinically proven to improve skin health in just 3 weeks, the product as seen below comes with 21 x 7.5g bars and is priced at £42.50. Esthechoc contains 2 very important antioxidants: Astaxanthin and Cocoa Polyphenolic Epicatechins - setting this brand apart from other brands of dark chocolate. It protects your skin from ageing, as well as promoting radiance. I have just finished using this product and I genuinely enjoyed incorporating it into my diet. I found having one bar on a morning alongside my breakfast worked well for me. Like any other health or food supplement, it is of course important to maintain a healthy diet alongside using this product. To read more about the science behind this product visit the Esthechoc website. Available from the Esthechoc website and Harrods.           
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