Saturday, 13 August 2016

Interior Trend - Copper and Marble

For this blog post I thought I would show you two of the biggest interior trends of 2016 - Marble and Copper. You can't step foot in an interior shop or read an interior lifestyle magazine without seeing these two trends, so I wanted to put together this edit showing you the best pieces currently available from both the luxury and high street market. You'll find everything ranging from lighting to wine racks, candle holders to clocks and cake stands to fruit bowls. So whether you want to go for a big statement piece or just add an accent of marble or copper into your living space, there is plenty to choose from.
There is something very modern and industrial about this trend, which I love. For interior inspiration look no further than Pinterest, a quick search and you'll find plenty of styling idea's. I also have lots of dreamy interior images on my own Pinterest, including the below.
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