Saturday, 25 June 2016

Print Trend - Circus

Inspired by 2 key Resort 16 collections from last year: Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Valentino, this is a fun conversational print trend for the summer season. Traditionally in the summer we see pretty floral prints in either soft blush tones, or vibrant colours for a bold pop. This print trend, however, mixes things up a little and plays with the notion of having fun with fashion with not a single flower to be seen. No doubt we all have memories of visiting the circus as a child, seeing the animals and watching the acrobats  - this trend combines those two things. With nostalgic throwbacks to old circus posters, this trend can either been interpreted in a vintage way or with a contemporary feel. Look to the Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection for bold silhouette prints or Valentino for a more grown-up take on the trend.
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