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Travel Bucket List

January is always a month of reflection but more importantly looking forward to the year ahead. New Year's Resolutions have never really been my thing, so instead this year I have decided to compile a list of my top Bucket List Travels. Unless I win the lottery, I don't envisage that I will be able to visit these places anytime soon (sad face). However, I know that one day I will visit these incredible places and see the sights of the world that I have always dreamt of. Here are the places on the top of my does my list compare to yours?
The Ultimate Dream: West Coast USA Road Trip
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to set off on an all American road trip adventure. Something about the West Coast in particular really appeals to me, I have already purchased a number of American travel books. Starting in LA, I would visit Salvation Mountain, Route 66, Vegas, the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Francisco and Big Sur.
Machu Picchu - Peru
I have always loved history, and have been fascinated with the importance of Machu Picchu since childhood. I guess this is quite an extreme holiday destination, but I love the outdoors and would love to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The view would make all the walking worthwhile!
Mexico (including Chichen Itza)
As before, I would love to visit Chichen Itza because of it's historial importance. I have watched countless documentaries about the Mayan civilization so I would like to visit for that reason. Secondly, working in the fashion and textiles industry all of the colourful buildings would provide me with lots of inspiration.
Rio de Janeiro (and Christ the Redeemer)
Another one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, this sight looks pretty spectacular. I have heard great things about visiting Brazil as a holiday destination, including the Rio Carnival.
In 2008 I went on holiday to Toronto, and knew that I would like to return to Canada to explore other cities. Vancouver appeals to me because of the whale watching, parks and mountains, also making it a great Ski resort. I have never been skiing but would love to give it a go. I love the great outdoors, fresh air and walking, so Vancouver seems perfect for that.
 Marrakesh, Morocco
The vibrancy of Marrakesh really appeal to me. I would love to explore all the markets and buy a ridiculous amount of textiles, jewellery and pottery. I would also like to see all the incredible Islamic tiles in the Mosques.

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