Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Event: #BloggersXmas

On Saturday I attended the #BloggersXmas organised by Soeurs de Luxe. Held at Finch's opposite Finsbury Square, the event welcomed a number of different brands across multiple categories: fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food. With over 200 bloggers attending, and several new brands to discover, the event was a fabulously festive way to kick off the month of December. Some of my favourite brands on the day included...

Chilpa - Accessories and homeware brand with Mexican roots (I will be doing a separate blog post on this brand later this month) - / Twitter: @WeAreChilpa
Aroma Cake Boutique - Delicious cakes and baked goods using a fusion of flavours from India and the Middle East. Flavours include: Masala Chai & Rose, Coconut & Saffron, Rose & Pistachio - / Twitter: @AromaCakeBoutiq
House of Dreadful - One for the men...Penny Dreadful vintage designed boxer shorts feature illustrations by Sarah Dvojack - / Twitter: @PDMenswear
Sweet Cheesus - Incredible cheesecake in the  most amazing flavours: Salted Caramel and Peacan, Cookies and Cream, 7 Deadly Sins... Available in Selfridges, The Deli at 80 on Stroud Green Road (see the website for more stockists) / Twitter: @SweetCheesusUK
Miglio - Beautiful silver jewellery which add elegance and sophistication to your outfit - / Twitter: @MiglioUK
T+ - This new drinks company makes flavoured and functional teas. The flavours come in 4 different categories: t+ Detox, t+ Boost, t+ Immunity, t+ Multi Vitamin. I love the branding on the packaging. / Twitter: @tplusdrinks

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