Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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Along side my design blog, I also have professional design accounts on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I love to use my social media accounts to promote things in the design industry that I love and are inspiring me. All posts are design related including: Fashion, Accessories, Interiors and Art.
I post daily on my Twitter account @Phillippa22 about all things design related. This might include: the latest fashion news, fashion week links, trend information, details of a new exhibition, a designer/high street collaboration, red carpet fashion, new brands that I love, details of sample sales, my favourite garments currently in the shops...and the occasional bit of music thrown in for good measure!
Currently at over 1300 followers you can find my page at 'phillippadesign'. Boards include: Runway Favourites, Printed Garments, Couture Fashion, Street Style, Celebrity Red Carpet, Fashion Ad Campaigns, Bags, Shoes, Jewellery, Embellishment, Wallpaper, Vintage Fashion, Furniture, Room Settings, Home Textile Products, Lighting and Architecture - a real mix of lots of design imagery to inspire you. With 79 boards there is plenty of food for thought!
The most recent edition to my social media accounts, you can find me on Instagram at 'phillippadesign22'. On my Instagram page you will see a lot more of my own personal design work - my fashion prints and drawings. I will also post pictures of other prints and textiles that I like, luxury fashion products/garments, pictures from exhibitions, colour inspiration and maybe even some outfit posts of my style.
If you do like any of my pages, please do give them a like and follow me.
Phillippa x

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