Sunday, 12 February 2012

Press Packs Ready for Indigo, Paris

Tomorrow I am going to Paris for Indigo trade show, a division of Premiere Vision. This is my 2nd time attending the show and exhibiting my fashion prints. This year my 'Acid Tropics' collection from my minor project will be on show, as will my 'Africa' print collection that I designed in April last year. I am also their to network and gain valuable contacts within industry.

I have designed and made press packs, for which I have attached images of my work and my CV. I will hand these out to exhibiting studio's, with the aim being to gain internships by doing so.

On Tuesday I will travel into Paris, where I plan to visit the Pompidou centre and then pay a visit to the nearby vintage shops, aswell as picking up the latest copies of French Vogue and Elle magazine for fashion inspiration. I've also heard great things about a haberdashery called Mokuba, which I hope to find if I have time. This international haberdashery also has a store in New York and stocks 50,000 ribbons and trimmings, which high profile designers frequently use in their collections.
Phillippa x

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