Sunday, 18 December 2011

I've Become A 'Featured Artist'

Just to let everyone know that I have recently had my work featured on the blog 'Fashion Vignette'. I couldn't quite believe it when I received a message from the creator of the blog to ask if I gave my permission to have my work showcased in the 'featured artist' section of the site. The feature has recently been posted, 15th Dec,(see above screen shot), and it looks great - images of my Acid Tropics module have been used to highlight the design process including sampling in the print room and my final prints. The feature is very complimentary of my work, which is of course lovely for me to read. See the 3 pictures I have uploaded for my feature.

I can definitely recommend 'Fashion Vignette'. There is an abundance of information on: trends, catwalk collections, seasonal colour directions and of course featured artists, plus much more. All presented in a very organised and professional manner it is a great site to visit for up to date fashion information and inspiration.

Phillippa x

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