Saturday, 3 December 2011

Final Major Project - 'Global Collective'

So this is it, the final major project has officially begun!!! Over the next 5 months I will put into practice everything that I know about textile design and use all my technical skills to produce a series of striking fashion prints based on the concept 'Global Collective'. I knew that I needed to choose a concept that would highly sustain my interest for the duration of the module, so I have amalgamated my love of travel and culture to create this concept, inspired also by the current trend 'Global Remix'. Greatly inspired by traditional African dress, Morocco and Mexico, my concept is an eclectic mix of nature and traditional crafts and naturally for me the colour palette is intense and confident. Inspiration also comes from: Matthew Williamson, Anna Sui and Etro, to name but a few. This is the last module I will work on for my degree and I am so enthusiastic about my concept I literally cannot wait to get started and see what I produce. Exciting times.
For now here are pictures of my 'Global Collective' work bay. Enjoy

Phillippa x

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