Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Brand To Know - Ellery

Established in September 2007 by Kym Ellery, Australian based brand Ellery has become synonymous with architectural silhouettes and a clean-cut aesthetic. Developing innovative fabrics with textile mills in both Switzerland and Italy, all garments are then made in the Sydney atelier. Over the course of the past couple of years Ellery has really been propelled to the forefront of international fashion, with a growing presence on the red carpet and a prestigious list of stockists. Bringing the laid back bohemian vibes of Australia to the runway, mixed with unconventional tailoring, has resulted in countless collections featuring standout pieces. Oversized bell-sleeves, extreme flares, latex dresses, micro-ruching, and 70's inspired prints are all recurring design features. Ellery collections also have a somewhat androgynous feel to them, with zippers and metal pulls being used to toughen up the looks.
If you are looking to shop the latest Ellery collection, then note that these pieces do come at a premium price point - but if money were no object I'd buy one of everything! Here are my top picks of the new season pieces...
1. Trousers £570 / 2. Dress £1130 / 3. Jacket £1510
4. Jacket £1935 / 5. Earrings £325 / 6. Top £590
7. Skirt £2330 / 8. Dress £2290 / 9. Dress £1220

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