Wednesday, 12 April 2017

On Trend Now - Corset Details

This season marks the return of the corset! Think 'corset' and you probably think of burlesque dancers at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, but corsets have come a long way since then. Gone are the lace overlays and the contrasting black/red colour combo, making way for chic and practical day options. There's been a recent celebrity craze for waist-trainers (see any Kardashian's insta for pics) and it's inevitable that their influence on social media has had an undoubted impact on the corset revival. Hitting the runway for the Prada A/W 16 show, lace up corsets were layered over everything: trench coats, dresses and tee's - adding the ultimate styling feature to otherwise quite masculine tailored pieces. Balmain went big on a more classic corset, cut just below the bust for femininity, but there was still a distinct element of strong power dressing about the whole look. Fast forward a season and Isabel Marant layered corset belts over slouchy utility wear. And where the catwalk leads, the celebrities will follow. Stylist Monica Rose, whose clients include Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen, regularly dresses her a-lister clientele in waist-cinching numbers. The beauty of this trend, is that the corsets are intended to be worn over a multitude of garments. Its not a case of having to revamp your entire wardrobe, it is simply about just adding a corset over pieces you already have - anything goes.
Naturally the high street caught on to this trend and have delivered a great selection of wearable options. If a separate corset belt isn't your thing then do not despair, many retailers have combined corset details into basic t-shirt dresses and tops making this trend even more versatile.
1. Zara £15.99 / 2. New Look £9.99 / 3. Next £35 / 4. BooHoo £18
5. Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage £320 / 6. BooHoo £18 / 7. Kenzo £175 / 8. River Island £25
9. Next £38 / 10. Zara £25.99 / 11. Next £40 / 12. River Island £26
13. H&M £29.99 / 14. Stella McCartney £525 / 15. New Look £11.99 / 16. Antonio Berardi £697

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