Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kobi Levi Footwear

Have you see the amazing work of Kobi Levi? His shoes, dubbed 'Footwear Art', are quite possibly some of the coolest shoes you will ever see. The concept behind each shoe is genius!
After graduating in 2001, Levi worked as a freelance footwear designer but later began designing his own unique, innovative shoes and uploaded them onto his blog. After Lady Gaga opted to wear a pair of his shoes in her 'Born This Way' music video, people from all around the world were placing requests to purchase a pair of his shoes. Subsequently Levi opened a studio in Tel Aviv and began offering his shoes for sale. All his shoes are hand made using the highest quality materials and are made in limited editions. Price: $1500 - $3000. Here are a few of my favourite styles.
Chewing Gum/ Miao
Harp/Blond Ambition/Sing
Mallard Duck/Flamingo
Wine Glass/Banana
If you love the work of Kobi Levi, and you live in the UK, then why not visit the 'Kobi Levi and the Playful World of Shoes' Exhibition at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. It is on until July 20th.
Phillippa x

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  1. These are the unique style of footwear i've ever seen.Its a fashion forward footwear and playful.I love the work of Kobi Levi i love the orca/white.I wish i could visit Northampton Museum and Art Gallery to see Kobe Levi amazing works.Thanks you for posting unique footwear. Visit our site