Sunday, 18 May 2014

The New Fitness Craze - Cycling

The cycling craze started in the USA with SoulCycle opening their first studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Fast forward to 2014, and SoulCycle has 25 studios across America with plans to open more worldwide... and there's also a retail line as well.  The idea of SoulCycle, involves a full high intensity 45 minute workout on a specially designed exercise bike whilst listening to an ever-changing playlist of high energy music. No need to worry about the paranoia of looking bad in front of your fitness buddies, all classes take place by candlelight. Its not cheap - one class costs $35, which means a yearly total of 48 classes would set you back around $1,700.
London has a couple of cycling offerings - BoomCycle (Shoreditch and Holborn) and Psycle (Mortimer Street). Both follow the same style as SoulCycle. You can pay per session, so you don't get locked into a 12month contract, which is usually the case if you work out at a fitness centre. Be sure to book in advance, these classes are extremely popular but with classes taking place all throughout the day there should be a time to suit everyone.
Stay tuned for my next blog post - I'll be showing you some of the best fitness trainers. Who said working out couldn't be stylish?
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