Saturday, 7 December 2013

*New Feature* - Global Collective on Pattern Observer

I was so excited on Thursday to see that one of my favourite American design websites 'Pattern Observer' had published a lovely post about my work. Pattern Observer founder Michelle Fifis said that she found my "vibrant use of colour, layering of shapes, and intricate hand-drawn details to be so energizing and inspiring!". This is such a wonderful compliment to receive from a fellow industry professional who I greatly respect for her dedication to all things design related. See below for images of the feature.
How the feature was documented on social media sites...Facebook

The post was also shared by NYC/LA based Digital Print company 'First2Print'

I would like to thank Michelle and Chelsea at Pattern Observer for being so supportive of my work and helping me to promote my design work, I greatly appreciate it!!! Also a big thank you to everyone you liked the post on social media sites.
If you have not yet taken a look at the Pattern Observer website, then you really should. The website is full of incredibly useful tips on how to succeed in the textile industry, improve your work and find inspiring work from other print designers. The website also offers E-Courses, including 'The Ultimate Guide To Repeats'. This self-study course teaches you how to create repeat design using photoshop.
Phillippa x

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