Sunday, 18 August 2013

Souvenir Gallery Highgate/Studio Legohead

I recently discovered the most wonderful shop in Highgate called 'Souvenir Gallery'. This quaint shop located at 249 Archway Road sells handmade: textiles, homewares, jewellery and prints, all from British based artist and designers. This shop is the perfect place to buy pieces for you home that not many other people will have, injecting some personality into your living space. Be sure to take a look at the website for opening hours and images of products that the shop sells.
I was compelled to take a look inside after spotting quite possible the greatest ever cushion in the window display. The velvet 'Fox' cushion, I soon found out was a best seller. Priced between £49.95 and £79.95, the cushion is now on my wish list. The shop also sells 'Greyhound' cushions which are equally as cool.
Souvenir Gallery also sells prints by 'Studio Legohead'. I had never heard of Studio Legohead prior to visiting the shop, but it became an instant favourite of mine. Studio Legohead, aka artist Jo Chambers, creates custom pet portraits. Anyone you reads my blog will know that I collect silk scarves, so imagine how much I loved Jo's 'Pugs In Pucci' collection of prints. Genius.
For £98 you can commission Jo to create an illustration of you pet. It would make such a lovely gift for any animal lover. The media which Jo uses really gives her illustrations so much character. You can find Studio Legohead on Etsy to see a more extensive range of prints available for purchase.
Phillippa x

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