Friday, 3 May 2013

The Scarf Collector

I am an avid scarf collector. Fact. I predominantly wear block colour clothing and I also wear a lot of monochrome, so for me scarves are the perfect way to inject some colour and print into my wardrobe, but without being too overpowering. I have been collecting for them for quite a while now and the great thing is, they take up hardly any room in my closet because I store them in an old hat box. The first thing that attracts me to a scarf is the colour, then the print. They are of course lovely to wear, but as a surface designer they are a great source of inspiration. In addition, they are so versatile and can be worn in many different ways, even tied around a handbag. I love to scour thrift shops (and sometimes vintage shops) to see what I can find. I have found some beautiful 100% silk scarves for only £1.
I also save up and treat myself to new season designer scarves every now and then. It offers me the chance to buy into some of my favourite brands at a more affordable price. As a designer, I of course look to the runway for market research and very often the prints used on garments are also used for the accessories, as was the case with the print on the Matthew Williamson scarf pictured below.
Matthew Williamson Fall 09 - from Net-A-Porter

I usually go for scarves which have multidirectional prints, as this means that however I choose to wear them the print is still on show, but I still buy scarves with conversational and placement prints because sometimes a striking design is too hard to resist!!!
Emilio Pucci
Liberty - The Scarf Hall in Liberty London is absolute heaven for any scarf collector. I was in the shop last month and found myself drawn towards new season scarves by Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou, but somehow I managed to resist a hasty purchase. Below are 2 Liberty own brand scarves I have. The 'Peacock' print is the most iconic of all Liberty prints.

Scarf Wishlist - Surely the ultimate for scarf for any collector would have to be from Hermes? Renowned worldwide for their exquisite scarves, Hermes still uses traditional screen printing techniques to create their designs, which I truly admire. There are numerous articles and video's online showing this process at Hermes. See below for two creative Hermes Ad Campaigns.

Phillippa x

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    I am also obsessed by Hermes scarves - I have collected them for years and blog about Hermes!!