Saturday, 23 January 2010

Embellished Surfaces

When I started this module I only had very basic embroidery skills - by this I mean practicing zigzag stitches on the sewing machine, which generally resulted in the needle snapping or getting the thread all tangled up on the fabric. So understandably I was cautious about starting this part of the module. However, I've had a breakthough, I instantly got to grips with the techniques practised in the workshops and this gave me the confidence I needed to really work hard and try to produce a good embroidery collection. I photocopied my original drawings from module 1, Visual Language, then I created several A3 layout compositions and from these I produced my final 4 embroidery samples. Keeping in mind that I produced my collection solely using hand embroidery, I think you can appreciate how long it took me to complete them. At this stage in my degree, I am very happy that I now have a good set of print and embroidery skills that I can apply to future projects. I have the patience for both disciplines, as they are both time consuming, but I still definately feel that print is the way forward for me.
Phillippa x

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